The potential of real estate tokenization

Cryptocurrency exploded in the last year 2021, as global investors gradually understood its uses and implications. However, many still do not recognize the potential of the combination between token and real estate. It may be caused by the belief that real estate investment often relates to location.

The total market cap of tokens listed in the Coinmarketcap’s real estate category is modestly about 100 million U.S. dollars (, while the global real estate market cap is much higher.

The estimated value of the global commercial real estate market was 34.3 trillion U.S dollars in 2021 (according to, and the one of global real estate market was approximately 326.5 trillion U.S dollars in 2020, which is about millions of times higher than the current tokenized real estate market cap.

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Imagining that just a very small percentage of this source of capital flows into the market, it will solve many current things such as liquidity or yield farming liquidity, which is one of the biggest challenges of the time.

So, we can see that tokenized real estate will undoubtedly be a potential market in the future.

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