Data Availability After Pectra Upgrade: The Story of Infrastructure and Common Misconceptions

Summary: This article delves into the concept of Data Availability in the DeFi ecosystem, clarifying common misconceptions about Data Availability and the latest updates to Ethereum Layer 1, particularly the role of Proto-Danksharding (EIP-4844) in the upcoming Petra upgrade. The article also analyzes the impact of Proto-Danksharding on the Layer 2 market and potential challenges in the future.

Everyone knows that the DeFi market is always full of drama and sensationalism. However, in this week’s episode, we’ll set aside those “dopamine” stories and return to a seemingly mundane topic: infrastructure.

Let’s join Click Digital in a deeper discussion about Data Availability, a seemingly simple topic that hides many common misconceptions.

Data Availability: Common Misconceptions and Interesting Stories

Data Availability, a familiar concept to DeFi enthusiasts, is still subject to many misconceptions, even among experienced individuals.

So, what is Data Availability? And why is it often confused with other concepts?

1. Data Availability is NOT Data Storage

Data Storage simply means storing information on the blockchain. Its main role is to store past data, ensuring quick access in case of need or incidents.

Data Availability, in contrast to Data Storage, focuses on ensuring that validators and nodes in the network have enough data to validate and create new data.

2. Data Availability is NOT Data Reachability

Data Reachability refers to the ability to access historical information from the blockchain to synchronize nodes from full nodes or serve other purposes.

Many people confuse Data Availability with Data Reachability, but these two concepts are completely different.

3. Ethereum is NOT a Modular Blockchain

Celestia is often cited as a prime example of a Modular Blockchain.

However, Ethereum, with its monolithic blockchain nature, is still striving to become a Modular Blockchain. In other words, Ethereum is a monolithic blockchain on its way to modularization.

4. Scalability is NOT solely dependent on the Execution Layer

Many believe that the scalability of a network depends on the Execution Layer, i.e., the ability to process transactions per second (TPS).

However, Data Availability also plays a crucial role in network expansion.

Because, no matter how powerful the Execution Layer is, the optimal speed of the network is still limited by data access (Data Availability).

Proto-Danksharding: The Petra Upgrade and Potential Impacts

Proto-Danksharding, a new feature added to the upcoming Petra upgrade of Ethereum, promises to revolutionize Data Availability.

So, what is Proto-Danksharding? And how will it affect the Layer 2 market?

Proto-Danksharding (EIP-4844) is the next major update to Ethereum, expected to launch in Q1 2025.

Proto-Danksharding will introduce a new transaction mechanism, “Blob-carrying transactions”, which helps reduce the load on full nodes by storing part of the transaction data on the Consensus Layer for a specific period (about 18 days) before being deleted from Layer 1.

This mechanism optimizes data storage and reduces costs, replacing the traditional Data Availability mechanism, which is very expensive.

1. Increase Blob Limit per Block

Proto-Danksharding is expected to increase the Blob limit per Block of Ethereum from 6 to 64, and potentially higher.

This will create more space for the increasing demand for Blobs from Layer 2.

2. Gas Blob Race

Proto-Danksharding could lead to a Gas Blob race as the demand for Blobs from Layer 2 surges.

Although the cost of Gas Blobs might be lower than before, it won’t be entirely free.

3. Enhance Ethereum’s Scalability

Proto-Danksharding will contribute to improving Ethereum’s scalability, enabling the network to handle more transactions.

This will open up opportunities for the Layer 2 market to grow stronger.

Blob Supply and Demand: Potential Challenges

The explosion of Layer 2 in the coming period could lead to a shortage of Blobs, affecting Gas Blob costs and the transaction processing speed of Layer 2.

Proto-Danksharding is expected to solve this problem, but will it be enough to meet the increasing demand for Blobs?

It’s important to note that the divergence between MBoost and non-MBoost validators can create security and technical challenges.

1. Reorganization

Attaching Blobs to Blocks can increase latency, leading to the possibility of Reorganization – an incident where validators lose synchronization and create two parallel blockchain versions.

2. Censorship

Concentrating power in a few centralized entities could lead to transaction censorship, affecting the network’s decentralization.

Relevant Information

  • Proto-Danksharding (EIP-4844) is one of the most important updates to Ethereum in the future.
  • Proto-Danksharding is expected to solve Ethereum’s Data Availability issues.
  • Proto-Danksharding will have a significant impact on the Layer 2 market.
  • Proto-Danksharding could lead to a Gas Blob race.
  • Proto-Danksharding will create more space for the increasing demand for Blobs from Layer 2.

Additional Information

  • The DeFi market is always full of drama and sensationalism.
  • Data Availability is an important concept in DeFi, but there are still many misconceptions.
  • Ethereum is a monolithic blockchain on its way to modularization.
  • Network scalability is not solely dependent on the Execution Layer.
  • Proto-Danksharding is a new feature of Ethereum, promising to revolutionize Data Availability.


Data Availability is a vital concept in DeFi, playing an essential role in ensuring the scalability and security of the network.

Proto-Danksharding, as part of the upcoming Petra upgrade of Ethereum, promises to bring positive changes to Data Availability and the Layer 2 market.

However, it’s also crucial to be aware of potential challenges, particularly regarding Reorganization and Censorship.

Click Digital hopes this article has provided you with a comprehensive overview of Data Availability and the impact of Proto-Danksharding.

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